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The theory of the black swan means in the world of finance:

The power of the unpredictable, is a theory according to which one calls black swan a certain unforeseeable event which has a low probability of happening (called "rare event" in theory of probabilities) and which, if it occurs, has consequences of considerable and exceptional significance. Indeed, rare events are often undervalued in terms of price.

I'll use this theory a to explain:

1.The disproportionate role of rare and extremely hard to predict major events that are beyond normal expectations in history, science, finance or technology.

2.The inability to calculate the probability of these rare events using scientific methods (due to the very nature of very low probabilities).

3.The cognitive biases that blind people, individually and collectively, to uncertainty and the massive role of rare events in history.

In my articles, I will introduce you to better understand these events to optimize your personal finances.

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